What's MintX

MintX is a desktop application that would run on your PC and will help you send to and receive money from other MintChip users. MintChip is a technology developed by the Royal Canadian Mint to help innovate digital payments. MintX is our submission to the developer challenge for creating apps using MintChip. (Aside: Thanks to all who voted for us!)

Money changes hands after a serious amount of discussions debating the merits of funding the idea. Such conversations are hard to have online. MintX fixes that. It relies on 2 entities:

So as long as you have internet connection and your mintchip and email is available, you can use MintX. In the spirit of "a jpeg is worth 1024 words", see the below video:

Using MintX

  1. Download MintX. Unzip it into your desktop. Go to the unzipped directory and double click on MintX.exe to launch it.
  2. MintX needs .NET 4.0 to be installed. That is true for all Windows 7 PCs. If you are running an older version of Windows, please download .NET 4.0 when directed to do so.
  3. If you see a warning that the publisher could not be verified, please select 'Run'.
  4. Provide your email credentials. MintX currently supports Gmail or Windows Live ID.
  5. Confirm whether you are using a local mintchip plugged in via USB or have installed the certificate to a remote mintchip. If you do not have a MintChip, check if you can get this to work
  6. MintX will parse your emails and indicate the list of incoming payments. It will allow you to request for payments from other email Ids.
  7. MintX will also list emails with requests for payments. You can pay them, ignore those emails or negotiate a different price.

Gotchas when using MintX

  1. MintX works on screen resolutions of 1280 X 800 or higher. The MintX binaries submitted for the competition were using an even higher resolution of 1280 x 1024. That caused some moderators to report that they could not see some of the buttons. If you can not see the "help" button on the "Tweak knobs" tab, consider changing your resolution, or redownloading MintX.
  2. You need to have already created your email IDs before specifying them on the "Tweak knobs" tab. MintX will not create a email app for you.
  3. If you are evaluating MintX, you will need 2 email Ids. If you are running both sides of MintX from the same computer, then one MintChip has to be local while the other has to be remote.